rose & ruby.

Handmade in Canada. All pieces are one-of-a-kind designs, and vintage re-worked.
I de-construct and re-construct using new and natural materials--creating pieces that are at once traditional and modern, feminine and avant-garde.

'Rose', because I try to produce beautiful pieces of art and jewellery; works that enhance the natural beauty of vintage and found pieces that are the base for my inspiration.
'Ruby' because she is my grandmother, who is strong, like the gemstone, and who has been a source of motivation and creativity throughout my life.
The pieces are meant to have a ‘found’ quality; they are delicate, precious, feminine pieces of jewellery, oftentimes asymmetrical, tangled, composed of mixed metals and materials—all of which lend to the overall aesthetic of rose & ruby—one that is a very personal statement of style.

custom work available. prices upon request.


unicorn (montreal, qc)

model citizens (st. john's, nfld)


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i’m really into studding now. my fingers hurt a lot.

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